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When Chrystina Katz was 11 years old, her family took a 3-week cross-country trip in her father’s 1972 Cadillac. For the first time, she saw the beautiful Rocky Mountains and fell in love with Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She stood in Town Square and told her family, “I’m going to live here one day!” Her father quickly squashed that idea: “They don’t want any new people here. You’ll never live here.”

As the years went by, Chrystina traveled to the mountains for business and felt drawn to move from the East Coast when her daughter grew up. When that day came, Chrystina sold everything and bought a Dodge pickup and travel trailer so she could see the mountains—and the rest of the country.

While driving through the Texas Panhandle on the way to visit her daughter in Montana, she remembered her Jackson Hole dream and made a beeline for it. When she arrived, she stood in the Town Square once again and decided that was where she was going to live—and did for a year and a half.

Another Gutsy Pivot into a corporate role took Chrystina to Montana for a few years. Then she got the itch to travel again and make a major Pivot to share her leadership experience and skills.

Chrystina left the corporate world and became a trainer in 2019 and started traveling the country by air. When COVID hit, she went virtual and survived.

Chrystina was then invited to go to Las Vegas to join the powerhouse speaker community there—in the entertainment capital of the world! She decided to immerse herself in the community for for 6 months, and hasn’t looked back! Now she travels across the country to visit friends, work with clients, and meet new people with interesting lives.

Chrystina had the idea for Gutsy Travels way back in 2015. She wanted a way for people who couldn’t travel to still have a chance to see the country. But she talked herself out of it because she didn’t know how to do it and wasn’t sure it was safe.

This dream resurfaced in the spring of 2022. This time, she was stronger, was ready, and had the support system to help her find answers.

Finally, after talking to some friends and mentors, Chrystina went for it. With the help of her team, Chrystina now travels the country (and soon the world) having conversations with Gutsy people who have taken risks to live more rewarding, fulfilling lives.

When she’s not traveling, Chrystina coaches entrepreneurial individuals and business leaders on how they can make Gutsy Pivots to reach their goals. You can learn more about Chrystina’s programs here.

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