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Episode 12: Hoover Dam, NV and AZ

Episode 11: Las Vegas Strip, NV

Episode 10: Valley of Fire, Nevada

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Episode 9: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Episode 8: Leu Gardens, Orlando Florida

Episode 7: Nashville, Tennessee

Episode 6: Bozeman, Montana

In this episode of Gutsy Travels, host Chrystina Katz travels to beautiful Bozeman, Montana, nestled in Gallatin Valley surrounded by several mountain ranges. She chats with Michelle Dornath-Mohr about her Gutsy lifestyle of homeschooling before it was legal in most states. Homeschooling was not virtual years ago, watch Chrystina get a few surprises during this conversation.

Episode 5: SeaWorld

In this episode of Gutsy Travels, host Chrystina Katz travels to gorgeous Orlando, Florida. Her adventure takes her to SeaWorld, the world-renowned theme park. She meets Chuck Simikian–of Alliance HR Partners Consulting–at the marine zoological park, where the two spend an exciting day full of adventure. The day goes from talks about being gutsy in business to visiting the famous Stingray Lagoon.

Episode 4: Las Vegas, Nevada with Melissa Spencer

In this episode of Gutsy Travels, host Chrystina Katz travels to stunning Las Vegas. Her adventure takes her to Downtown Summerlin, a vibrant, walkable urban center, where she speaks with Melissa Spencer–the founder of Spencer’s Consulting Speaker Management. The two have a serious conversation about how being Gutsy helped Melissa overcome her alcohol addiction.

Episode 3: Yucca, Arizona with Karla Heeter

Join Chrystina as she travels to Yucca, Arizona to experience Stagecoach Trails Ranch and interview Karla Heeter, a motivational speaker with

Episode 2: Sedona, Arizona with Trish Kruse

In this episode of Gutsy Travels, host Chrystina Katz travels to the majestic sights of Sedona, Arizona. Her journey begins at Sedona's Sugarloaf Loop, where she meets with personal and small business consultant–Trish Kruse. Their adventure takes them through the beautiful rocky scenery, a delicious Argentinian meal, and an inspiring conversation about taking action.

Episode 1: Miami, Florida with LaShanya Aikerson

Welcome to Gutsy Travels with Chrystina Katz! This all-new travel show with a twist, follows Chrystina as she explores the country, sharing inspiring stories of people who made Gutsy Pivots to improve their lives. In the first episode, Chrystina travels to stunning Miami where she is joined by LaShanya Aikerson–the President and CEO of Aikerson Consulting Group. Watch as they discuss what it means to be gutsy while traveling.

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